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“Hate, crushing down on me,
all that hate,
is pleasing me…”


AlbumOut Soon!

Our Crossworld album will be available as audio CD, vinyl  and digital download from this site, as well as Apple, Amazon and Google’ services, and Spotify.
We are setting up our Shop with merch – best way to directly support the band.

Crossworld - Demo Songs

  1. Intro MetalX - Crossworld 0:57
  2. Time MetalX - Crossworld 4:31
  3. Hate MetalX - Crossworld 4:56
  4. Thunderstorm MetalX - Crossworld 5:39
  5. The Power Of Faith MetalX - Crossworld 6:33

“Crossworld” album is completed! Yeah!!!
The album  contains 12 tracks, check the demo tracks we included here. We are happy to announce that we chose to work with the Pirate Studio Quebec and with the award winning drummer Oli Beaudoin, on this album.

The Band

“we’re all savages without love,
the empty sky waits us above,
tide slowly sucks you in,
soon you wander in between…”
Mike Stone – rhythm guitar, vocals
George Berberov – lead guitar
Miro Pendev – bass
Oli Beaudoin – drums (session musician)


MetalX is collaborating with the Juno Award winning drummer and producer Oli Beaudoin on releasing our “Crossworld” album.
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Contact US - Facebook, Instagram ormetalxband @ gmail.com